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Town centre fountain

Town Centre Fountains Vandalised

Irresponsible pranksters have vandalised a town centre fountain with bubble bath.

The award-winning fountain on Barracks Road, Newcastle, was affected for some time during Wednesday and Thursday morning.

Officers at Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council are asking people to not put themselves at risk by crossing a busy road to get onto the roundabout.



Last updated 20 July, 2018

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Toddlers Enjoy Magical Butterfly Release

Green-fingered toddlers who raised butterflies from caterpillar larvae have released them into a wildlife garden they helped to create.

The event took place by the bird aviary at Brampton Park earlier this week and involved children from the Giggles & Wiggles nursery in Newcastle.

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Castle House Image

Castle House ready to open to the public

The opening date has been set for the new civic centre hub, designed to boost a town centre economy and save taxpayers millions of pounds.

The £15.4 million, four-storey Castle House, next to Queens Gardens in the centre of Newcastle, will open at 9am next Monday, July 23.

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bee image

Circus Show Just the Ticket for Judging Finales

An internationally acclaimed magician and illusionist is bringing judging days in two horticultural competitions to a show-stopping conclusion.

Andrew Van Buren, who is from Silverdale, will perform a selection of circus acts in Queen’s Gardens, Newcastle, on Wednesday, 25 July and Tuesday, 31 July as Britain in Bloom judges complete their tours of Newcastle-under-Lyme.

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Cabinet round-up 18 July 2018

Cabinet round-up 18 July 2018

Kidsgrove sports centre progress report

Progress is being made on plans to breathe new life into Kidsgrove sports centre.

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