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Noise Nuisance’s Antics Cost Him £3,000

Council officials have welcomed a court’s decision to hand out stiff fines to a man who failed to keep the racket down at his Wolstanton home.

Scott Houghton was convicted in his absence at Newcastle Magistrates’ Court of failing to comply with a noise abatement notice.

It had been imposed previously because he played loud music – and there was also shouting – at his address in Hartington Street.

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Great War Staffordshire

What a performance at Brampton Museum

Brampton Museum will be hosting an outdoor event, aimed at young people, offering students a chance to take part in a theatre performance in their award-winning Brampton Park.

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Winners of Heart of England in Bloom

We're Simply the Best

Newcastle-under-Lyme has come up smelling of roses in a prestigious floral competition.

The borough’s entry was declared the overall winner of Heart of England in Bloom, with top spot also being achieved in the coveted small city category, at Warwick Castle last night.

Not only that – this year’s campaign has won a horticultural excellence accolade and the borough’s 16th consecutive gold award.

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Everybody’s Darling

Everybody's Darling visits Brampton Museum

Visitors to the Brampton Museum will experience life on the battlefield during the First World War in an exhibition called Everybody’s Darling – The First World War Nurse.

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Andrew Dobraszczyc

Delivering the goods at Brampton Museum

Newcastle residents and visitors will have the chance to step into the past this autumn as they are given a rare opportunity to learn about the history of transport and communication in the borough.

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