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How to Use the Online Booking System

Please use the following as a guide to access the online booking system at Jubilee2. When we reopen all sessions will be bookable either online or over the phone (01782 616606). 

1)    Go To www.jubilee2.com and head to the online booking page by clicking the ‘Book A Class Link’ (see Screenshot).
Picture shows Jubilee2 homepage
2)    Having clicked the link ‘Book a Class’ you will be taken to the Jubilee2 Booking page (see screenshot below) where you will have to enter your Member ID number (the 8 digit number at the start of the email you have just received). Click forgotten password and follow the instructions to set up your account.
Picture shows Jubilee2 online booking
3)    Having set up your account you will now be able to access the online booking system where you will be able to book the class/session you want (see screenshot).
Picture shows list of classes and sessions
4)    For example we have opted to take the Aqua fit class with Sam. The below screenshot shows how to book the class/session by pressing the ‘Book’ button. 
Picture shows Jubilee2 Select Slot
5)    By pressing the Book button in the above step you will be taken to the next page which will allow you to complete your booking. (See screenshot).
Picture shows Jubilee2 booking system
6)    Again having pressed the ‘Book’ button your booking is now completed.
Picture shows the Jubilee2 booking system
7)    You will receive an email confirming your booking.
8)    Under ‘Manage my Bookings’ you are able to cancel bookings if you can’t attend the session/class. We would ask you to cancel your session if you can’t attend so someone else can make use of the timeslot. 
9)    If you have issues using the online booking system please contact either J2 Fitness or Jubilee2 General Enquiry. On all e-mail correspondence please add your Member ID number.

You can Book a class here


We hope to see you all very soon.

The Jubilee2 Team



Last updated 24 July 2020