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Group Exercise Descriptions

Ab Blast              

This class concentrates on the abdominal section using a variety of exercises and will tone and strengthen the mid-section

Absolute Pump

Highly popular free weights/barbell based class exercising all the major muscle groups to improve fitness, physical definition and boost weight loss. Burn on average 560 calories in 55-minute class. Great music, hugely motivating and fast results


A fun cardio, low impact workout in the pool. It's more of a workout than it may look, this class includes a variety of choreographed moves that will raise your heart rate to give you a full body workout.

Ballet Posture Master Class       

A classical ballet class suitable for all levels focused on posture and technique.

Body Blast          

A fantastic toning class which will sculpt and strengthen your whole body. Exercises that use your own body weight as resistance as well as dumbbells and cardio exercises to get in shape fast.

Body Conditioning         

A series of floor exercises and stretches to fine tune the body, improve posture, balance and well-being.

Body Wake-up 

Ignite the whole body with a series of exercises maximising physical potential and strength.

Body Stretch     

A series of stretches designed to re-balance, realign and re-energise the whole body.

Cardio Dance    

A series of physical, balance, agility and coordination exercises followed by a choreographed commercial group dance.

Contemporary Moves  

A series of modern ballet warm up exercises followed by dynamic, flowing and free movement sequences culminating in a contemporary group dance.

Core Master Blast           

A 30-minute complete abdominal workout that conditions, shapes and strengthens the whole body whilst preparing posture for the perfect day.

DJ Parkinson's Dance    

A creative exploration of physical and empowering movements inspired by ballet and contemporary dance.

DJ Swans            

Explore original and classic choreography in a class for dancers who want to try something new and discover the artist within.

Functional Fitness          

A class that has everything. Maximise your training by combining multiple body movements together that will therefore improve fitness, agility, balance, strength and coordination. Put the FUN back into fitness with this FUNctional workout

General Ballet  

A traditional dance class exploring all classical ballet vocabulary. The class includes barre work, centre practice and travelling exercises.

HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training    

This class uses short intervals and maximum intensity exercise separated by longer intervals of low to moderate intensity exercise. HIIT is the most effective and fastest way to lose fat and increase your fitness levels.

Legs, Bums and Tums    

A highly enjoyable conditioning class focusing on those problematic areas of legs, glutes and abdominals.


This class focuses on slow, controlled methods to turn the body, targeting the deep postural muscles, strengthening from within to improve posture and general wellbeing.

Pro Ballet           

An advanced classical ballet class in the format of a professional company class. The class includes barre work, centre practice, petit and grand allegro.


A class for all levels of fitness. This brilliant 30 or 45 minute class increases cardiovascular fitness, Muscle tone and a high calorie burn. Be motivated through an exhilarating indoor cycling experience.

Strength and Tone         

Improve your overall strength using a combination of barbell and free weight exercises. By varying the weight, repetitions and tempo you can guarantee to get a safe and effective full body workout. This class is a great way to define, sculpt and build lean muscle.

Stretch and Relax           

I complete body and mind workout bringing yoga, Pilates and tai chi disciplines together promoted general wellbeing, flexibility, co-ordination and balance; a truly holistic experience

Total Body Strength      

This athletic based sculpting class tones upper and lower body using resistance like hand weights, barbells and your own body weight

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Last updated 29 July 2020