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Clough Hall Park Consultation

Clough Hall Park Masterplan Consultation

Clough Hall Park

The Borough Council has secured funding of £750,000 through the Advance Town Deal Fund from Central Government for Kidsgrove.  Part of this funding (£125,000) has been allocated towards initial improvements in Clough Hall Park to resolve drainage issues and refurbish the large pavilion to allow greater community use. 

The small, redundant bowls pavilion is going to be demolished and the feasibility of providing CCTV is going to be explored.  A further element of this funding has been allocated to engaging with the local community to produce a masterplan for the park.  The masterplan is an opportunity to look at the future of the park as a whole, how it works and what users would like to see in the park. 

The park contains elements that may no longer be relevant to current community needs, or may not be in the best location in the park, and we are providing the opportunity for residents and users to put forward their ideas to make the park better. A bid has been submitted to the government’s Town Deal fund, and, if this is successful, there may be the opportunity to deliver elements of an agreed masterplan, so it is important that we can work together to produce a plan which reflects the needs and aspirations of the local community. Please follow this link to take this opportunity to get involved and put forward your ideas to transform this much-loved park. This survey will remain open until at least 31 January 2021.

Page last updated 12 January 2021

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