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Household Rubbish

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Items that go in your Black Bin

Not suitable for your Black Bin

Yes - Nappies, incontinence pads, sanitary waste
Yes - Polystyrene, plastic bags and Tetra Pak
Yes - Empty stoma and urine bags
Yes - Garden waste
Yes - Textiles

No - Cans, tins, foil and aerosols
No - Plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays, paper and card, glass bottles and jars
No - Food waste
No - Small appliances, batteries 

Your wheelie bin is emptied fortnightly and is for materials that can't be recycled. Please do not use it for recyclable items.

Getting your bin emptied

Please place your bin at the kerbside by 6am on the morning of collection and bring it back onto your property as soon as possible after it has been emptied.

Bin sizes

Our standard rubbish bin is a 180ltr wheelie bin. The bin is the property of the Council and you need to keep it safely and where it does not cause problems for other residents between collections. It is your responsibility to ensure that containers are kept safe between collections.  We expect that they will be kept within the boundary of your property. 
The Council is keen to reuse containers wherever it is safe and practical.  Any bin which you receive from us will be clean, safe and serviceable but it may not be new.  We will only collect your household rubbish in sacks if we have identified your property as unsuitable for a wheelie bin and, in this case, we will be providing two black sacks each fortnight (equivalent to a standard180ltr wheelie bin) with our logo on.

Please note that containers remain the property of the Council at all times.  

If your household is made up of six or more permanent residents then you can use this online form to request a larger bin for your household rubbish. This larger bin holds 240ltr of rubbish and has a square lid, rather than the standard 180ltr capacity bin which has a rectangular lid. If the rubbish bin at your property already has a square lid, then you already have one of these larger bins, and nothing else will be provided.  We may ask you to provide evidence to prove that all the people you say live in the property are actually living there.

If we deem your property unsuitable for a wheelie bin, perhaps because of steps from the pavement, we will give you black sacks for your rubbish. We will provide you with two black sacks every fortnight which are the equivalent of a standard rubbish bin.

Extra Waste

We only collect rubbish which is in your bin.  Extra rubbish in bags or boxes will not be taken and may lead to enforcement action if it is seen as fly tipping.  If you recycle all your cans, tins, foil, aerosols, plastic bottles, glass bottles and jars, cardboard, paper, waste food and garden waste you will usually find that your rubbish fits into your bin.  Anything which doesn't fit in is your responsibility to dispose of, and the Household Waste and Recycling Centre is a convenient place to do this.

If you have a medical condition which means that you produce extra waste such as incontinence products, stoma bags, home dialysis materials and so on and it doesn’t fit into your household rubbish bin, we may be able to help. Use this online form.

Lost or stolen bins 

If your wheelie bin is lost or stolen, use this online form to order a replacement. There will be a delivery charge for the replacement. No discounts are available and you cannot collect the bin in person.  Household rubbish has to be presented for collection in a wheelie bin provided by this Council.  Do not provide your own container, even if it is a wheelie bin, as we will only empty containers which we have provided. 

Damage to bins during collection

Sometimes bins are damaged during emptying.  We apologise for any inconvenience that this causes.  Our crew will have reported the damage on their in-cab system and a replacement will be delivered to you within 10 working days.

What happens to my non-recyclable household waste?

Your household waste is taken to the Energy from Waste plant on Campbell Road, Stoke-on-Trent. It is burnt to produce electricity and provides power for up to 33,000 homes in Newcastle-under-Lyme and Stoke-on-Trent.

Infective clinical waste

The Council does not provide clinical waste collections.  If you produce ‘yellow bag’ clinical waste at home, contact your GP or hospital to arrange collections.  Yellow clinical waste bags must not be disposed of in any council collection container.

Last updated 1 April 2021

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