Garden Waste

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Leaves and twigs

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Building waste bricks and rubble

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Cut flowers and plants

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Soil or turf

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Weeds and prunings

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Plant pots or garden furniture

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Hedge and grass cuttings

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Pet or kitchen waste

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Household waste


Extra garden bins

Every household is entitled to one free garden waste bin. If you would like an additional one we can supply an extra 240 litre bin and a sticker to identify that it has been paid for.

There is a one-off delivery charge for additional garden waste bins of £25 each.

The additional garden waste bin is available for an annual fee of £38 per bin (if ordered online or renewed on line) or £40 (if ordered through Customer Services).  Subscriptions run from March each year.

We will write to householders taking part in the scheme each year to ask if they wish to continue with the additional garden waste bin(s).

If you would like to order an additional bin, please follow this link to complete the form.


Composting tips, seasonal information and clear, simple-to-follow advice and support are available at (External Link)

A new composting scheme has been launched for Staffordshire and Stoke, through the Staffordshire Recycling Partnership. The scheme allows residents to buy subsidised compost bins and equipment. If you are interested in purchasing a compost bin please visit:

Last updated 1 June 2018

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