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The Council collects food waste every week, with your recycling boxes.  Use your silver caddy in your kitchen, lined with either the free caddy liners that we provided, or a carrier bag.  Every few days, or when the caddy is full, tie the liner and put it into your green caddy.  Use the handle lock to help stop pests. It is the more robust green caddy that you need to put out on collection day.

When you get near to the end of the roll of free caddy liners, tie a liner to the handle of your green caddy and the crew will leave a new roll.

You can use carrier bags to line your silver caddy. When it is full, tie the bag and put it in your outside green caddy. 

Use this online form to order replacement containers.

Live in a flat?

If you live in a flat please follow this link for more information on your food waste recycling facilities

What happens to the food waste you recycle?

  • Your food waste is recycled through a process called anaerobic digestion
  • As your food waste is processed it produces a gas which is converted into heat and electricity
  • At the end of the process, the resulting compost-like material is used as fertiliser on local farms


Last updated 23 September 2019

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