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Cans and Tins

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Due to Covid-19 (coronavirus) this service may be suspended or changed.  Please check for details here on our Recycling and Waste homepage. Follow us on Facebook. Search @NewcastleunderLymeRecycles for information on our waste and recycling services. 


Cans Aerosols Foil


Food and drink cans and tins need to be put into the red box.  Please rinse them out first.  The red box is also the right place for your empty aerosols and clean aluminium cooking foil and trays.  If the foil or tray has a lot of burnt-on food, then we can’t recycle it, and you need to put in your rubbish bin.

We separate the material into steel and aluminium, and bale it for transport to reprocessors who treat it as a raw material to make new products.

Until further notice due to the covid-19 (‘coronavirus’) we are not able to accept orders for replacement recycling containers.

If you live in a flat please follow this link for more information about your cans and tins recycling facilities


Last updated 24 March 2020

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