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Blue Recycling Bin

Picture shows a blue recycling wheelie bin


Your blue recycling wheelie bin is collected every 2 weeks.  It’s the container for all your rinsed drinks cans, food tins, plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays, and glass bottles and jars.  You'll find a full list of the items which you should put in this bin on our A to Z of items for Recycling and Waste.

Please make sure all cans, tins, pots and tubs are empty, before rinsing them and putting them in the bin.  Clean material has a value, and this supports other Council services.  Don’t put anything into the recycling bin in a bag, or use a wheelie bin liner.  These are seen as contamination, and can result in everything in the vehicle being rejected.  This wastes your recyclable materials, as well as those of your neighbours.  There’s also a penalty charge to the Council if recyclable bin contents are rejected, taking money from other Council services. Please note that disposable masks and gloves must be disposed of in your household rubbish.  They cannot be recycled.

If you regularly have more than fits in the bin, you can ask us for another Blue Recycling Bin here.  Please don’t put extra recyclable materials out in a bag – the glass inside makes it unsafe for us to take this, so we won’t be able to take the material.

Please ensure that the lid of your recycling bin is closed.

If you’ve got plenty of space in the bin and your recycling bag is light, you can put the bag into the bin.
If your recycling bin is too heavy for safe handling or contains the wrong materials we won’t be able to take it.  If this happens we’ll put a bright sticker on the bin explaining that there’s a problem, and you’ll need to take the bin back onto your property, remove the problem items, and put the bin out on the next collection day.

For information about paper and card, and the blue bag they are collected in, visit our Blue Recycling Bag page.

You need to put your recycling bin out in the same place that you put your household rubbish for collection.


Last updated 5 March 2021

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