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Assisted Collections

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We offer an Assisted Collection service to residents who are unable to move their waste or recycling containers to the kerbside or their collection point, and who do not have an able-bodied person living in the same household to help them do this. Using this service, containers will be collected from a mutually-agreed location, emptied and then returned to the same location.

Application process

Please follow this link to complete the online form, call the Contact Centre on 01782 717717 or visit Castle House (Newcastle town centre) or Kidsgrove Town Hall to apply in person.

When we have received your application an officer may contact you to arrange a short visit to your property. This is necessary to determine a suitable collection point for you and for the collection crews.

Please note that your assisted collection will only start after an officer has visited you and approved the service, not after your first contact with the council.


Last updated 16 August 2018

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