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Neighbourhood Planning

Neighbourhood Plans

The Localism Act 2011 enables communities to prepare a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) for a defined area (the Neighbourhood Area). The Neighbourhood Planning Act 2017 and the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (amended 2015 and 2016) provide some of the legal requirements for preparing an NDP.

An NDP is prepared by a Qualifying Body on behalf of its local community and sets out local planning policies in relation to the designated Neighbourhood Area. An NDP has to meet certain basic conditions including taking account of national policy and being in general conformity with the strategic policies within the development plan for the area. These are tested through independent examination and then voted upon in a local referendum as to whether or not  the NDP should be formally adopted. Once an NDP is 'made' (adopted), it will form part of the Borough Council's Development Plan and will be used in future planning decisions for that Neighbourhood Area.

Please use the right hand navigation menu for detailed information on each of the Neighbourhood Plans which are moving forward within the borough. A map of the Neighbourhood Plans currently in progress can be viewed here.

Information on the roles and responsibilities of the Borough Council and the Qualifying Body and support that is available can be found here.

Betley, Balterley and Wrinehill Neighbourhood Plan

Consultation (Regulation 14)

The Neighbourhood Plan group have produced the Betley, Balterley and Wrinehill Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) which is available to view from the link below:


The Neighbourhood Plan group are carrying out a public consultation on the Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan during October and November 2020. Comments must be sent directly to the group using the representation form at www.bbwplan.org, by e-mail to betleynp@yahoo.com.

For more information, including details of consultation events please visit their website.

The consultation period runs from 8 October 2020 to 27 November 2020.

Note the Borough Council is not hosting the consultation and therefore comments must be directed to the Neighbourhood Plan Group using the contact information above.

Last updated 8 October 2020

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