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Joint Local Plan

Welcome to this area of the Borough Council’s website which we have set up to make sure residents and other stakeholders are kept involved and informed in the process of preparing a new Joint Local Plan for Newcastle-under-Lyme and the City of Stoke-on-Trent.

What is a Local Plan?

A Local Plan is a framework that guides the long term future growth of an area over a period of 15 to 20 years, including how much development there should be, where it should go, and how land should be used. The plan will help to guide planning application decisions, setting out what will and will not be permitted. It will look at housing provision, jobs and infrastructure. It will also guide regeneration and make sure that the area’s heritage and natural environment are protected.

Stoke-on-Trent City Council and Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council are preparing a new Joint Local Plan that will eventually replace the existing Joint Core Spatial Strategy (2009). The plan will ensure that the city and borough take shape in a way that meets the needs of residents and businesses, as well as attracting new investment to the area, up to the year 2033.

Issues Consultation (February - March 2016)

From Monday, 15 February to Tuesday, 29 March 2016 the borough council and the city council consulted on the strategic issues for the Joint Local Plan to address. The consultation sought to ensure that the Joint Local Plan will reflects the need and aspirations of the local community.

This consultation is now closed and both councils are no longer accepting comments. The comments that were submitted during the public consultation period are now being considered as work progresses on developing Strategic Options, which is the next stage plan production. The documents that were made available during the Issues consultation can still be viewed below.

An Issues Consultation Document (PDF, 1.42mb) was prepared which sets out the strategic issues that were subject to public consultation.

This was supported by a 'Summary Guide' (PDF, 513kb) which provided an overview of the issues that were identified within the main consultation document, along with a list of  'Frequently Asked Questions' (PDF, 30kb).

The issues were identified from the most recent available evidence, including new housing and employment need assessments that have been undertaken jointly by the two councils. Technical papers were prepared that summarised this detailed evidence. These technical papers and detailed evidence documents are available to view on the following page: Joint Local Plan - Supporting Evidence

What happens next?

The full process for the production of the Joint Local Plan is set out below. This programme updates the original programme approved by the council in March 2014.

The next stage of the plan production process is the development of Strategic Options. This will consider how the planning issues that have been identified can be addressed by applying different planning approaches to future development. The Strategic Options will be subject to public consultation in August 2017.

Once a preferred planning approach has been identified following consultation on the Strategic Options, a Preferred Options Document will be prepared and will be subject to public consultation from mid December 2017. Following this there will be a further round of public consultation on the final Plan which will subsequently be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate for independent examination. Both councils aim to adopt the Joint Local Plan by summer 2019.

These key stages of the plan production process are shown in the diagram below. The current stage is highlighted in bold text.


What it involves

Progress/ Timeframe

Stage 1

Assembly of evidence base

Work on-going

Stage 2

SCI and stakeholder engagement

Statement of Community Involvement has been adopted and is available to view on our website

Stage 3

Sustainability Appraisal (SA) Scoping Report

Draft SA Scoping Report consultation with statutory consultees completed in August/September 2015.  Further Stakeholder consultation in 2016 at Strategic Options

Stage 4a

Issues Consultation

Consultation took place in February - March 2016

 Stage 4b Strategic Options Consultation Consultation timetabled for August 2017
 Stage 4c Preferred Options Consultation Consultation timetabled from mid-December 2017

Stage 5

Draft Plan (new policies and potential allocations)        

Consultation Sept/Oct 2018

Stage 6

Final Draft: pre-submission Joint Local Plan (Regulation 19)

Publish for consultation July 2019

Stage 7

Submission of Joint Local Plan to Secretary of State (Regulation 22)

Quarter 1 2019

Stage 8

Examination of Joint Local Plan and Public Hearings

Summer/Autumn 19 (Subject to the Planning Inspectorate's availability)

Stage 9

Adoption of final Joint Local Plan by Council



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