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December 2020: Local Plan – A Review of the Options
The Council has been preparing a Joint Local Plan (the JLP) with Stoke-on-Trent to provide development plan policies and site allocations up to 2037. 
In the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak in 2020 and the opportunities that may arise following the UKs separation from the European Union in 2021, the Council wishes to secure comments and opinions from those engaged in the development plan process as to the suitability of continuing with a joint plan with Stoke-on-Trent or undertaking work on the provision of a new Borough plan which will be more aligned to the needs and growth aspirations of businesses and residents in the Borough of Newcastle.
On 9 December Cabinet formally decided to undertake a review, and requested a second report in January. If you have any opinions or comments you wish to make on progressing with the joint local plan or commencing work on a Borough only Plan, your comments would be appreciated by 5 January. 

The Local Plan Update report Cabinet for 9 December can be viewed here  and you can provide comments by email to the following address: planningpolicy@newcastle-staffs.gov.uk

Planning update in response to Covid-19

Due to the current exceptional circumstances regarding Covid-19 and the Government’s advice regarding social distancing and essential journeys to work, our planning teams are now working from home. This has the following implications:

  • We are processing new applications, pre-application enquiries, tree applications and discharge of conditions submitted electronically as a priority. Paper based submissions are being collected from Castle House infrequently due to movement and personal separation guidelines.
  • Fees can be paid via the Planning Portal or by BACS payment by contacting us for details.
  • We have suspended face to face and telephone duty services until further notice but you can contact the planning department using the contact details below  If the enquiry is related to a live application, these will be forwarded to the case officer to be considered in the usual way.
  • Case officers are currently not expected to carry out site visits but are contactable via email.
  • Case officers will continue to process current planning applications where site visits have already been undertaken and to respond to pre-application enquiries, tree enquiries and discharge of conditions.
  • Timeliness of decision making. Officers will still seek to determine applications in time to give certainty to applicants and those affected by the proposed development. Applicants and their agents are requested to continue to work with officers to ensure information is available to make sure sound planning decision to deliver sustainable development in the future can continue to be made.
  • Decision Notices and all other responses will be sent electronically.
  • Planning Committee meetings are currently being held in accordance with the Councils emergency provisions as set out in the Constitution but we are monitoring primary and secondary legislation being made by Government and the implications this may have for future meetings. Officers will continue to use delegated powers where appropriate to produce decisions.
  • The timescale for the delivery of the Joint Local Plan is being reviewed at this time.

Please bear with us at this difficult time and we will update our advice as the situation evolves. We apologise for any delays that may occur in the processing of your planning application at this extraordinary time.

Contact e-mail address details

Planning Policy     planningpolicy@newcastle-staffs.gov.uk
Planning Applications and Enquiries     planningapplications@newcastle-staffs.gov.uk
Planning Conservation   planningconservation@newcastle-staffs.gov.uk
Planning Development Management Support      planningdmsupport@newcastle-staffs.gov.uk
Planning Enforcement    planningenforcement@newcastle-staffs.gov.uk
Land Charges     landcharges@newcastle-staffs.gov.uk
Building Control         bas@stoke.gov.uk
TPO and Conservation Area Trees     landscape@newcastle-staffs.gov.uk
Planning Administration      planningadmin@newcastle-staffs.gov.uk

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