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Pest Control

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Pest Control Services and Covid-19

Although we've some restrictions on our services, if you need help with rats, mice, wasps, bedbugs or fleas at you home we should be able to assist. 

Rules change regularly and our pest control officers may be called to support other services.    We'll explain any precautions needed to keep you and our officers safe.  If for some reason we are unable to visit, a pest control officer will be back in touch to let you know, so that you can make alternative arrangements.  In such cases we'll refund any payment you've made as quickly as possible.

  • Please do not request a visit if you, or someone in your household currently has Covid-19 symptoms, or has been requested to self-isolate
  • We will ensure our hands are clean, wear gloves if appropriate,  and that we limit what we touch at your home.  You can help by opening / closing doors etc so we don't need to touch them.
  • Our officers will wear a face covering if they enter your home or need to be close to you for more than a minute.
  • We will follow social distancing requirements and ask that you give our officers space.

In this section:

Our services

Request Help

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Insect Treatment Guarantee 

Rodent Control Visits

Our services

The Council’s pest control team can offer a range of professional services to homes and businesses within the borough.


(1 April 2021 - 31 March 2022

Request and pay for our help online Invoice payments for commercial customers
Telephone advice from a Pest Control Officer £10 Unavailable
Advice Visits (Vo Treatment) £50 £70



(1 April 2021 - 31 March 2022

Request and pay for our help online Invoice payment for commercial customers

Treatment of Rats (Domestic Properties)

(Per property, up to four visits)

£50 £70

Treatment of Mice (Domestic Properties)

(Per property, up to three visits)

£50 £70

Treat Rats or Mice (Commercial Properties)

Unavailable for domestic properties As per written quote from the Pest Control team. £105 first hour, £26.25 per additional 1/4 hour.
Wasps, Ants, Bees £75 £95
Bedbugs, Fleas and Cockroaches £105 £125

Mole or Rabbit Control Per Treatment

(up to three visits)

£180 £200
Squirrel Control, per four visits £125 £145

Please note we are unable offer an opinion on the work of another pest control contractor.  For advice of this nature you should contact their trade association, if they are a member, or call the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 03454 04 05 06.

Residents must pay by credit or debit card when you first contact us.  Businesses will be sent an invoice after treatment is completed.

The Council can help you if:

  • the problem is at your property and you have paid for our assistance
  • the problem is on land which the Council owns or manages

If the problem is somewhere else - for example linked to a neighbour's property, you should contact them first.

Ask for Help

Ask for our pest control service and help

If you need help at a business premises or are a landlord, we can offer additional services. Please see the links to the right of this page for further information.

In most cases Aspire Housing residents will need to make their own arrangements or pay our service charges to deal with pest problems.  If you believe there are special circumstances and that Aspire need to take action please call them.

In most cases officers are able to visit within two working days. Often you do not need to be home when we attend. For example, we can treat most wasps nests from outside a property.  If the problem is inside, or you want to meet the officer, please provide a telephone number so that we can arrange a convenient time to visit.

If you are reporting a possible problem with rats at a neighbour’s property we’ll want to know the action you’ve taken so far to get things sorted.  We’ll contact your neighbours to offer advice and explain their obligations and options.  If problems continue the council has a variety of powers, but will require you to provide evidence, which could include attending a Magistrates court. The most effective way to solve problems is for neighbours to work together.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

You have 14 days to cancel the service from the date you place your request. This can be done via e-mail to Customer Services, or by downloading a cancellation form. If you make an appointment / requested a treatment for within the 14-day cancellation period, then this constitutes express consent to the service being provided within the cancellation period, and in consequence if we start providing the service and you then cancel, you will have to pay a reasonable amount (generally not less than £50) for the service provided through to the date of cancellation, and if the service has been provided in full, you may not be entitled to any refund at all of any money already paid.

We aim to process any refund within five working days of it being requested.  Refunds are generally returned to the payment card used.  Alternatively refunds can be made to a bank account.  We are unable to refund by cash or cheque.

Insect treatment guarantee

Pest control treatments do not always have immediate effect. The pest control service will use sufficient quantities of appropriate materials to ensure that the insect problem is successfully resolved.  If the client notifies the pest control team within one calendar month that the treatment has not been successful, pest control will make a single further visit (a ‘re-treatment’) at no extra cost.

This guarantee does not apply if:

  • the infestation is not the same as previously treated – for example a different colony of ants in a different part of the property
  • the client has not followed the pest control officer's advice – for example if they have washed away the chemicals used
  • payment for the service has not been received

Rodent control visits

We will provide up to three visits to control mice and up to four visits to control rats. We aim to solve problems as quickly as we can and not every treatment will require the full number of visits. Extra visits require further payment, this can done by making a new request to us.

We generally recommend 7-14 days between visits. We will close the request if we have not heard from you for three weeks, or once the request is more than 12 weeks old.  We do not credit unused visits.

Rats may forage over a wide area so a number of properties may be affected.  Where the council uses enforcement powers it will ensure that all affected owners and occupiers take appropriate steps to control rats in their land and buildings.

We will continue to provide a range of free information and advice on our website, based on the questions we regularly receive.  However, if you need technical advice from a pest control officer - for example about how to tackle a pest control problem yourself, we make a charge of £10 for telephone advice or £50 it you want them to visit and provide advice face-to-face.  Please note we are unable offer an opinion on the work of another pest control contractor.  For advice of this nature you should contact their trade association, if they are a member, or call the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 03454 04 05 06.

Our lowest charges are available if you can pay when you request our help, or within 14 days of making your request.  For later payments we generally charge an administration fee (usually £20).  We would encourage you to pay by credit or debit card when you first contact us.  Certain services may not be provided until payment has been received. The pest control officer will give you a card confirming our charges and current ways to pay when they visit.  We are currently unable to offer a pay online option.

Get in touch with us!

If you have any queries you need answering please use either our Facebook or Twitter pages:

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or email environmental_health@newcastle-staffs.gov.uk 

Last updated 4 June 2021

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