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Parks and Street Cleansing

Streetscene operations

Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council has a duty under Part Four of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to keep all areas of land in its control clear of litter and refuse.

Our Streetscene neighbourhood team is very experienced and is multi-skilled. This allows us to carry out a range of tasks to keep streets and parks clean, green and sustainable. We have invested in a wide range of machinery, vehicles and equipment to make the service efficient and reliable.

Highways, including pavements (where necessary) are cleansed up to 4 times per year.  Leaf fall sweeping starts from mid-October for approximately eight weeks on tree lined streets, on a priority basis (density of trees).

Weed control of adopted highway gutters, pavements, grass verges and obstacles is the responsibility of Staffs County Highways. Town centres and other shopping areas that are the Borough's responsibility (Zone One) are cleansed on a daily basis (except Christmas Day).

Litter and dog waste bins are emptied up to three times a week, depending on location. Newcastle and Kidsgrove town centres are emptied more frequently. Report issues online- Litter and dog waste bins.

Litter is collected from grassed areas on a cyclical and responsive basis. We will respond to litter complaints as quickly as possible but within one week, depending on location and amount. Report issues online - Litter and waste.

Highway grass verge grass cutting and weed treatment is the responsibility of Staffordshire County Highways.

Grass mowing to parks and open spaces is undertaken a minimum of eight times per year, formal gardens are cut a minimum of 10 times per year and meadow grass once a year. Bowling greens are cut up to three times a week during the season.

We remove reported fly-tipping (Report Fly-tipping Online) and graffiti (offensive or racist) (Report Fly Posting and Graffiti Online) on Borough owned land and property within three working days. If fly-tipping is blocking a highway then this needs to be reported to Staffordshire County Highways.

Needles/syringes will be removed as soon as possible. Fly posting which is offensive or racist will be removed within 24 hours, all others up to five working days.

Dead animals are retrieved from the public highway and Borough owned land with the exception of large animals (for example cows/deer) which are reported to Staffs County Highways. There will be a charge for removal of dead wild and non-owned domestic animals from outdoor locations on private property..

Borough owned children's play areas are inspected weekly and any dangerous equipment will be made safe/repaired within four hours, once reported. 

Use this form to report any issues with childrens playground facilities.

Culverts are inspected weekly on Borough owned land and any debris hindering water flow will be removed.

Tree’s on Borough Council owned land are inspected on a cyclical basis. Any work identified is scheduled on a needs basis with emergency and urgent cases taking priority over non urgent reports. We have a highly trained team of tree surgeons who will attend to any trees which we consider dangerous on Borough owned land within four hours of reporting.

We would like to ask if you could complete our Streetscene Operations Survey, using this link.

Last updated 23 April 2020

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