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Food and Safety

This page provides information about the wide range of services carried out by the Food and Safety Team, which is part of the Council’s Environmental Services division.

The main division of the responsibilities of the team is between Food Safety and Occupational Health and Safety.

The work of the Team includes:-

  • Food premises inspections
  • Food sampling
  • Food complaints
  • Complaints about food premises
  • Registration of food businesses
  • Food safety campaigns and advice
  • Investigation of food poisoning cases and outbreaks
  • Investigation of infectious diseases
  • Monitoring of public and private water supplies
  • Improvement of private water supplies
  • Sampling of swimming baths, spas and so on
  • Health and safety premises inspections
  • Investigation of health and safety accidents
  • Investigation of health and safety complaints
  • Health and safety campaigns and advice
  • Registration and inspection of hairdressers and skin piercing activities
  • Smoke free inspection and enforcement
  • Sunday Trading inspection and enforcement
  • Other health promotion and education interventions
  • Emergency planning exercises

This work is undertaken by a number of environmental health practitioners and technical officers, appropriately qualified and experienced to carry out inspections and enforce the relevant legislation. All inspections, investigations and legal actions are undertaken in accordance with the Council’s general enforcement policy.

Contact us

 Details on how to contact the Council 

Telephone: 01782 742590
Email: Food and Safety

Or the Food Standards Agency
Telephone 0330 332 7149

Last updated 8 July 2020

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