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How Do I Make A Claim

Are you:

On a low income?
Paying rent and/or Council Tax?

If yes to both, you can possibly claim benefit.

It's best to claim straight away, if you delay you may lose benefit.

To get an idea of how much benefit you might be entitled to please use the online calculator.

What else should I know?

  • If you have recently come from abroad or returned from abroad, there are some extra rules – please contact the Council for more information
  • Savings over £16,000 usually mean you will not be able to get Housing Benefit.
  • Savings over £6,000 will usually mean you will not be able to get Council Tax Support
  • There are special rules if you are single and aged under 35 years
  • Most asylum seekers and people who are sponsored to be in the UK cannot get Housing Benefit
  • You cannot usually get Housing Benefit if you live in a close relative's household
  • You cannot usually get Housing Benefit if you are a full-time student, unless you are disabled or have children

Making a claim

If you wish to claim help towards your rent and Council Tax you can apply online through the link below:

Online Benefit Claim Form

If you claim Income Support or Jobseeker's Allowance the Jobcentre will complete an application form over the telephone with you and forward it to the council on your behalf.

If you are in receipt of Pension Credit (Guaranteed and/or Savings Credit) the Pensions Service will complete an application form over the telephone with you and forward it to the council on your behalf.

Supporting Evidence

It is important that we can be sure of your identity when you make a claim. We will ask for two separate forms of identity for yourself and partner for example driving licence, passport, birth certificate.

We will also need to verify you and your partner's National Insurance numbers.

You will need to provide documentary evidence for all income and capital declared on the claim form for both yourself and partner together with income evidence for all non-dependants. Documents that are usually required are listed below:

  • Benefit award letters, for example Tax Credits, Child Benefit
  • 5 weekly/2 monthly consecutive wage slips
  • Bank statements to cover 3 months for all accounts held
  • savings certificates/premium bonds
  • Tenancy agreement, rent book, rent receipts
  • Evidence of occupational pensions
  • Student grants/loans award letters

Important: Please note all documents must be originals, we do not accept photocopies.

All supporting evidence can be taken to:-

Castle House
Barracks Road
Telephone: 01782 715500

Kidsgrove Town Hall
Liverpool Road
Telephone: 01782 715500

If you are unable to provide evidence of your wages or benefits received you can print off a Certificate of Benefits Received or a Certificate of Earned Income listed under Useful Documents.

Please read the form carefully before completing. Every question on the form must be answered, and you must provide all the evidence necessary. If you fail to do so, you will be asked to provide further information and this could lead to a delay in your claim being processed.

If you do not provide all the required evidence when you initially make the claim the Council will allow you one calendar month to provide any outstanding information. Once you have provided all the information needed to support your claim the Council will aim to process it within 14 days.

If you require help in completing the form or have any questions in relation to applying for help towards your Housing Benefit please contact the Revenues & Benefits Section on 01782 715500.

Last updated 1 April 2019

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