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Purple Flag

Symbol of Purple Flag status

What’s happening in Newcastle?
We are proud to announce that Newcastle town centre has been granted Purple Flag status.  This says that Newcastle Town Centre already has a great deal to offer and we are looking to build on our success over the next 12 months in order to maintain our Purple Flag status.

What is Purple Flag?
Purple Flag is an accreditation scheme governed by the Association of Town Centre Managers (ATCM), designed to improve the early evening and night time offering in town and city centres.

The scheme is similar to awards given out to the best beaches (Blue Flag) and parks (Green Flag).  Purple Flag looks holistically at what a city or town centre can offer the general public and is based on five cornerstones:-

  • Wellbeing (covering safety, care and health, regulation, services, partnerships and perceptions)
  • Movement (covering public transport, car parking, pedestrian routes, crowd management, information, partnership)
  • Appeal (covering food & dining, pubs and bars, late night venues, early evening, public buildings and arts and culture)
  • Place (covering location, diversity, animation, design and identity)
  • Policy envelope (covering data, strategy, co-ordination, leadership, partnership and community)

So, what does this mean for Newcastle?
Cities and towns across the UK who have been granted this prestigious award have benefited by seeing increased footfall, inward commercial investment, lower crime and anti-social behaviour and improved perceptions from the public.  We are confident that Newcastle-under-Lyme will reap the same benefits.

Planned activity
There are a number of planned improvements over the forthcoming 12 months. These include:-

  • Development of the Street Chaplains guardianship service
  • Improving the use of design and public art displays within the town centre, including subways
  • Continuing to improve on the late night food and entertainment offering in the early evening and night time economy
  • Improving the variety of retail opportunities for consumers

Last updated 5 April 2017

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