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Anti-Social Behaviour

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) is a broad term used to describe the day-to-day incidents of crime, nuisance and disorder that make many people’s lives a misery – from litter and vandalism, to public drunkenness or aggressive dogs, to noisy or abusive neighbours.  Such a wide range of behaviours means that responsibility for dealing with anti-social behaviour is shared between a number of agencies, particularly the police, councils and social landlords.

The Council is committed to reducing anti-social behaviour, improving the quality of life for local people and reducing crime and fear of crime within our communities. We are keen to promote understanding, tolerance and respect within our communities and to encourage residents to be proactive and resolve issues themselves wherever possible. Where problems escalate into more serious and wide spread issues, the Council will proactively work with partners and residents to tackle ASB.

We deal with ASB complaints for homeowners and private tenants in the borough and use a range of powers from informal actions such as mediation, referrals to support services and warnings through to the enforcement by the use of legal powers through the courts.

Residents who are social housing tenants should report issues directly to their landlord in the first instance;

Aspire Housing - 01782 635200

Sanctuary Housing - 01782 403500

Staffordshire Housing - 01782 744533

Affinity Sutton - 01477 539250

Anchor - 08457 758595

Bromford Living 0845 6050603

Anyone experiencing ASB should report it as soon as possible.  Complaints can be reported;

•    via the Council’s online form

by telephone on 01782 717717

•    by e-mail Anti-Social Behaviour

•    in person or in writing to Castle House, Barracks Road, Newcastle, ST5 1BL

If you are in an emergency situation and feel you need immediate assistance or are threatened and/or intimidated call the Police on 999 straightaway.

If you feel that you are being targeted because of your race, gender or sexuality you can contact Challenge North Staffs on 0330 1111 999 who can offer you help and advice.


Last updated 20 March 2020

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