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Pavement Licence

If you run a business and want to place tables, chairs, serving stations or other temporary furniture on the pavement you require a licence. 

Applications are free of charge and will last for 12 months or until 30 September 2021, whichever is shortest. 

You can apply using our Online Application form.  You will need to provide a detailed plan of the area you wish to licence, a copy of your Public Liability insurance and details of the furniture that you wish to place outside.  The consultation process takes five working days from the day after your application is made and then there is a five working day decision period.  You will be expected to display a notice on and around the premises for the entire consultation period, failure to do so will mean that we will need to restart the consultation.  Annex A of the Government guidance has a template for the Notice.  

The Local Conditions will be applied to all applications.  Additional conditions may also be added to the requirements as part of the consultation on a case by case basis so please expect to be contacted by the Responsible Authorities to discuss any relevant conditions.   

For more information about Pavement Licences please have a look at the Government Guidance.

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service have provided an advice letter in relation to Pavement Licence applications.

This licence does not permit you to sell alcohol if you do not currently hold a Premises Licence - however, if you do have a premises licence there are some relaxations in the legislation which may apply to you.  For more information about relaxations of Off-Sales on current Premises Licences please have a look at the Guidance for Temporary Alcohol Off-Sale Permissions.

If you wish to discuss your application please contact the Licensing Team at licensing@newcastle-staffs.gov.uk.

Last Updated 9 October 2020

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