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Doing Business with the Council

Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council has contracts with many companies to provide services, supplies and works that range from a few hundred to many thousands of pounds. The millions of pounds spent each year on procuring goods and services provide companies of all sizes with a range of commercial opportunities.

However, we recognise that for various reasons many companies are put off trying to do business with the Council. It may be lack of information about the opportunities or a lack of understanding about the contracting procedures.

This guide is aimed at helping potential contractors, consultants and suppliers tender for contracts with the Council. Whilst it cannot assure you of success in gaining work with us it should provide enough information to allow you to submit a good tender.

Find out about current tender opportunities. See also the most up to date Contracts Register in 'Useful Documents'.

Sources of assistance

There are a number of organisations who can provide information or assistance to businesses thinking of working with the public sector. You should be aware that some may charge for their services. The Council does not endorse any of these organisations and it is up to you to satisfy yourself that you are getting good value for money.

Where to find opportunities

Official Journal for the European Union (OJEU) – advertisements for tender opportunities over the EU limit .
Contracts Finder is a service for businesses, government buyers and the public where you can find or publish live contract opportunities, contract awards and contract documents. You can also subscribe to email alerts to receive updates on existing or new items. Current Council contract opportunities can also be found on the following link http://nulbc.mytenders.org.

Help with relevant policies (Standard Selection Questionnaire)

Health and Safety Executive – advice on health and safety issues for small businesses including producing a health and safety policy.
Equality and Human Rights Commission – advice for contractors (and potential contractors) about supporting the legal duty of local authorities to promote equal opportunities.

Last updated 25 August 2020

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