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Translation and Interpretation

Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council is committed to ensuring that all members of the community are able to access services equally.

Of 129,000 residents, it is estimated that just over 5% of the local population belong to a minority ethnic community - the largest of which are Indian and Chinese. Newcastle is also home to the largest proportion of residents with an 'other White' background in Staffordshire.

The 2011 Census shows that our primary school children spoke 47 languages at home in addition to English. The ten most prevalent first languages spoken by primary school children are: Polish, Urdu, Malayalam, Panjabi, Turkish, Tagalog, Cantonese Chinese, Arabic, Hindi and Hungarian.

The council uses a company called The Big Word for interpretation and translation services. For most customer enquiries The Big Word can be accessed by members of staff at the Customer Service Centres via the telephone.

A number of members of staff have received Level 1 training in British Sign Language from the Royal National Institute for the Deaf and will be happy to talk to deaf customers at any of our Customer Service Centres. For more complex issues we can arrange for a fluent BSL interpreter to attend.

If you need assistance with translation or interpretation please contact Customer Services 01782 717717 or e-mail Translation.

Last updated 27 July 2018

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