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Tell Us Once

This service aims to reduce the stress involved in notifying government departments about a death and means that a customer can notify all participating services simply by giving the required details to the registrar during the registration of the death.

How the service works

When someone dies there can often be a number of government departments and agencies that need to be notified and this can add a huge amount of stress to what is already likely to be a very difficult time.

The Tell Us Once service is accessed via the local register office and the process begins when the death is registered.  The service is designed to make things simpler for the customer by allowing them to give all the required information to the registrar, who will then inform all the relevant government departments on the customer’s behalf.

Participating Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council services include -

  • Housing Benefits
  • Council Tax
  • Blue Badge services
  • Electoral Registration

Other participants -

  • Adult Services (social care for adults)
  • Children’s Services
  • Disability and Carers Service
  • DVLA (driving licence agency)
  • HM Revenue and Customs (for Child Benefit and Tax Credits and personal taxation)
  • Passport service
  • Pension service

How do I access the Tell Us Once Service?

For any further information including what to do when someone dies please visit Tell Us Once GOV.UK

You can find your nearest registration office at the Staffordshire County Council website.


Last updated 11 September 2015

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