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Severe Weather and Flooding


The responding agencies in the Staffordshire Resilience Forum (SRF) are working together to prepare for future incidents of flooding. A Staffordshire Emergency Flood Plan has been developed for the SRF area as a local flood plan for the Borough of Newcastle-under-Lyme.

You can also take steps to ensure you are prepared and further information and guidance can be found on the Environment Agency’s Website, where you can register for Floodline Warnings Direct, find out if you are at risk of flooding and read official guidance and advice issued.

The council will provide sandbags if possible, but there may be a charge.


For a guide on how to look after yourself and others during a heatwave, visit the NHS choices advice page. You can also see the Heatwave Plan for England on the Gov.uk website.

Severe winter weather

Over recent years the UK has seen significant periods of cold temperatures and snow, most notably in 2009-10 and 2010-11. Although not every winter has had significant snowfall it is sensible to be prepared as each winter approaches.  Below are some websites that hold useful information about preparing for winter.

You can also view the Cold Weather Plan for England on GOV.UK website.

Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council will ensure that information is posted on its website if there are any disruptions to services, during periods of severe winter weather. Readers may find Winter Preparedness a useful page.

Other severe weather

For other severe weather guidance and advice, please visit the Met Office website. You can see up to date information about Severe Weather Warnings.

Last updated 3 November 2017

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