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Council Services

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The Planning Website

We provide services to both public and private sectors and aim to continually improve the local area.

The site is broken down into four main sections to help you find the information you need as quickly as possible.

Contact the Planning Department on 01782 742408 or e-mail


About Planning

Contains an overview of the services we provide and information on the Committee making the decisions.

Building Control

Provides information on the standards that buildings must be built to, how to make applications and the fees that cover these applications


Planning Policy

The Planning Policy team is responsible for creating and managing the Newcastle Local Development Framework (LDF). This includes preparing the collection of Local Development Documents, which together make up the LDF; commissioning and preparing studies, which provide the evidence base to support it; and monitoring and reporting on its effectiveness.

Planning Applications

This section will help take you through the planning application process, beginning with deciding if an application is needed then making and tracking an application.


Online Resources

Planning Portal Public Access


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